Center of Balance and FEEL

Example: An unbalanced tire on a car, wobbles off Balance The Drumstick is no exception This Wobble = Off-Balance Rotation Generates vibrations, inconstant turns, less speed, power, stress and fights the Drummer for control Wobble More INO Balance controls  FEEL of the Drumstick. The taper and wood variance are of little help.


Matt Middleton Not So Modern Drummer Magazine The weights inside the stick are secured with an industrial grade epoxy, insuring the weight will stay inside the stick under even the heaviest of playing. The logo is tasteful and understated, giving the stick an elegant streamlined look. So how do they play? In a word… WOW! The …


Behind the Stick

Until the TRU AXIS drumstick, drumsticks have been pretty much the same mechanically. Prior innovations included different woods, materials, lamination, nylon tips, different lengths,diameters, tapers and bead shapes, etc. However, none of these variations of design and construction addressed the mechanics of how the drumstick interacts with the drummer’s hand and arm to achieve maximum synergistic performance. …

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How Drumsticks Work

All Rotating objects try to rotate around its Center of Gravity. The Drumstick is no exception. The stick is rotated through grip to turn down to strike the drum. Upon striking the drum, the stick wants to rotate center of gravity the stick will what to rotate at its center of gravity. This gives us …

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